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Beach Waves Ibiza

A light summer wind, a steel blue sky and a sandy shoreline – these are the three things you require for an ideal day on the shoreline. In the event that you could at present surf – phew, that would be the cherry on the cream hood. Since I have neither experienced childhood with the water nor have any uncommon aptitudes toward the path, I can not present you here sadly photographs on the surfboard. Just a couple of postures, very easygoing under the armor „blondie-shoreline girlmäßig“ remaining alongside the surfboard, I can offer you. By chance, the shoot was for the SURF hairstyling arrangement by Blunder and blunder. As should be obvious, the items invoked a decent shoreline wave look. I’m continually something unique my hair is in every case extremely basic! Since I extremely preferred it?

For the styling I have utilized the accompanying items: the Surf Froth Wash Cleanser , the Surf Cream Flush Conditioner and the Surf Shower (in light of salt water, the splash gives your hair more volume and structure for a look that feels like your hair through normally Sun and wind dried, salt water offers help and a cool, dull summer wrap up.). These 3 items are even accessible in a convenient Travelset (look here). In the event that you travel a considerable measure, this is perfect! What’s more, the fragrance is incredible, new and inconspicuous.

Have you at any point tried the Blunder and Blunder items? Not just the lovely outline, likewise the substance is extremely awesome! Attempt it!

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